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My Training Features the
Matthews Thumb-Lock Grip

My Training Philosophy

"I believe that responsible firearms ownership starts with responsible firearms training and that merely purchasing a firearm and believing that you are safe is reckless and irresponsible.

I use intuitive training techniques that I learned as a police officer, sniper, and federal agent  to create simple-to-understand methods that  work to make you a safer and more competent firearms user.

I train you more efficiently and effectively by using simple target shooting techniques, combined with the latest combat shooting theory to help you become an effective instinctive shooter.  I show you how to train perfectly, getting the most out of each and every shot fired.  If I played golf that way, maybe I would not have broken so many clubs and quit.

In two hours I will show you how to be a markedly safer and more efficient weapons handler and shooter, helping you better understand the concepts of marksmanship and economy of motion.  I'm your key to low-stress training that simply works.  

It's important to understand that we don't rise to the occasion when we are under duress, we lower to our lowest level of competence.   It's my job to teach you how to train to ensure that that lowest level of competence is better than a potential attacker's.


Competence cannot be purchased with your firearm, so please strive to become a safe and proficient weapons handler and I hope that you never need it to save your life or the lives of loved ones. "

Jim Matthews,       Personalized Firearms Training West Palm Beach Firearms Safety and Selection Concealed Carry Permit Training


P.S. I Instruct on Mondays, when women shoot for free at Shoot Straight.  

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