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Basic Concealed Carry Certification Training

Successfully completing this course will provide you with the Concealed Carry Training Certificate which is needed to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry Permit.  There is no charge for this class, it is given as a courtesy for all students who have taken either my beginner or intermediate class.


This course consists of three parts:

I.    Classroom Training - This will focus on how to be your own coach while at the range and how to train effectively and efficiently as it relates to concealed carry. We will cover many topics regarding firearms selection, concealment techniques and gear, weapons maintenance, and practicing at home (unloaded).


II.   Range Training - You will be required to shoot a minimum of 50-rounds. We will concentrate on quality marksmanship training, diagnosing and fixing issues, and creating individualized perfect practice techniques. 


III.   Verbal Test - You will be required to know the material provided which includes the Florida Concealed Carry Laws as well as summary of the Florida Forcible Felonies. You will be given a comprehensive but straight-forward verbal quiz over the telephone. This can done on most any Friday or Saturday that you feel you have a very thorough understanding of these laws, before or after classroom / range training. You must pass this quiz in order to apply for your Permit and I only allow students one chance to take that quiz.  Please do not expect me to read to you in a classroom.  Adult Learning Theory is the basis of my training technique and me reading to you does not create the necessary long-term memory strings needed to make life-or-death decision if forced to do so.  Our classroom and range time is predicated upon you learning the intellectual components on your own.  If you are not willing to put forth the genuine effort to learn when deadly force is appropriate or not, you and I will not be a good match.  I take this very seriously and so should you.  Using deadly force when it's not legally justified is life-changing and so is not using it when it is necessary.

  • 2-Hours; 1-hour in classroom followed by 1-hour shooting on the range.

  • Everything included in the Basic Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Class, plus the following:

  • Discussion of concealment weapons, calibers, holsters, and more. 

  • Prior to class students will download concealed carry study material (CWFL Booklet) from this website or email to allow students to learn the material and concepts at their own pace and to allow for review in class.

  • Cover concepts directly related to practical firearms concealment.

      Transition to the range to shoot a minimum of 50-rounds, concentrating on quality

       marksmanship training and perfect practice technique.  



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