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Intermediate Handgun Training

My Intermediate Handgun Training Class consists of one hour spent together on the range and takes into consideration that the participant has either attended my Basic Firearms Safety & Marksmanship Class, or has had previous training experience with handguns.

In this class we will employ techniques that build upon the sighted fire concepts taught in the Basic Firearms Safety & Marksmanship Class, and expand the training to incorporate real-world physiological psychology concepts related to the physiology of personal defense while exposed to imminent threats, up to and including deadly force threats.

Utilizing vertical line targets and Cognitive Follow-Through as our training basis, I will expose the participant(s) to shooting under pressure and having to transition from front sight focused training to gross motor skills shooting that is more practical in potential real-world threat encounters.

In a short time, the participant(s) will train their brains to be able to instinctively point their handgun(s) where they want to just as readily as pointing their index finger at that point.  I do this by utilizing slow-fire target shooting training, which results in a physiological adaptation that allows the shooter to transition to shooting exceptionally well with both eyes open. 


If you see "experts" on YouTube telling you that you should close an eye and focus on the front sight when being attacked at a level that requires a deadly force response, they are completely wrong and don't know what they are talking about.  An amygdalal response to a proximal threat releases adrenaline, cortisol, and other fight chemicals that affect the visual cortex and force you to open both primary fight data receptors, your eyes.  Those "instructors" don't know physiological psychology.

Once this critical step is achieved, then I teach you how to train to get smoother and faster and how to incorporate sloppy trigger handgun skills training into your training regimine, which is more realistic in a life-or-death defensive response.

This training lasts one hour and is $100. 

This is where you are pushed and you will love every bit of it, and the NRA doesn't teach this stuff.






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