The Intermediate Training Course is geared to the student that has prior firearms training and experience but is looking to become more proficient and effective. We will cover advanced weapons handling skills and learn real-world concepts of marksmanship. Training will concentrate on becoming a smoother and more effective shooter. We will discuss range marksmanship and combat shooter training techniques.  This course will go more into the physics and physiology of shooting.

You will shoot 50+ rounds, starting with precision shooting drills, progressing toward shooting under stress to maximize range training techniques which will allow you to become a smoother, faster weapons handler.  We will shoot slowly and precisely and customize your training technique.

You may combine this course with the concealed carry class. Plan to put time into learning the intellectual components of the licensing process. See the concealed carry training class description below.

Intermediate Handgun Training


Building upon what was learned in either the Basic Firearms Safety and Marksmanship or the Basic Concealed Carry Certification Training, students will be exposed to a training experience designed to enhance the efficiency of their range training, focusing on real-world applications of more advanced weapons handling skills.

Fee: 2 hours for $100/student (using your own gun and ammo), $120 (I will provide firearm and 25 rounds -.22LR ammo).