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Just Ask Me

Q: What if I am a total Novice and do not have a gun?

A: The vast majority of my training students are new to firearms and don't have one.  I have everything needed to allow the new shooter to make an informed decision about what type of firearm best suits their needs and their hands.  Buying the wrong firearm is easy to do and it's like shoes.  If you buy the wrong type and size you will not enjoy training with it.  I make this process easy.

Q: Will I receive a certificate?

A: If you are taking my concealed carry training course, yes, you will receive a certificate that you will use to obtain your concealed carry permit from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  That is assuming that I will observe you shoot 50-rounds and pass my test (Click here for my Concealed Carry Program). 


My students are markedly more intellectually prepared than most and I believe that knowledge of when deadly force is legally appropriate is as important as safe and effective weapons handling skills.

Q:  Who Do I Pay For My Florida Concealed Carry Permit, Where Are They, and How Much Will It Cost Me?


A:  Your Florida concealed carry permit will be processed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  West Palm Beach had a regional office, located at 400 N. Congress Ave, WPB, FL.

It can also be processed online, for an initial permit or a renewal.


Here is their website:


Click here for the Fee Schedule:

Q: Do I really need formal training?

A: Knowing how to shoot is not the same as knowing how to fight with a firearm. Shooting skills are only one aspect of a gunfight. We teach everything from basic shooting skills to tactical training, such as understanding how distance, time, and environmental factors etc affect the outcome. The gun itself will not win the fight, the best trained individual will.  I believe that merely purchasing a firearm and believing that one is safer is foolish and irresponsible.  Responsible firearms ownership starts with responsible firearms training.

Q: Which Gun should I bring?

A: Bring whatever firearms you want to bring and shoot, but I highly recommend that we emphasize training primarily with the firearm(s) you believe that you would most likely rely upon to save your life, be it a home defense handgun with a tactical light on it, or a concealment gun.  Personally I am a believer in 9mm.

Q: Should I wait to purchase a firearm until after our training?

A: I totally enjoy helping my students find their perfect firearm.  It's way too easy to listen to an "experienced" family member and purchase a firearms that just doesn't work for you.  This is an individual choice and comes down to choosing the appropriate caliber, a reliable brand and model, as well as a model that fits your hand well.  Try mine.  Heck, come back anytime and try mine.  Call me on a weekend and we can set things up so that between my students I can get you set-up on the range to shoot any of my guns.  That helps a lot  of students when trying to decide.  I do that for free.

Also, when you do finally take the plunge and buy a gun, plan to come back and meet with me.  Give me about 15-minutes, between my regular students, and I will show you everything you need to know about your gun; disassembly/assembly, maintenance (cleaning/lubricating), and what to do to remedy a malfunction if God forbid your gun clicks instead of discharges when you need it to.  Mastering malfunction clearing drills is critical.

Q: May I use a firearm with a .22 cal conversion kit in your classes?

A: The cost of the ammunition consumed during training can be greatly reduced by converting your chosen firearm (handgun or rifle) to .22 cal. Although we recommend you train with the same caliber ammunition you will carry for defense, we have no objections to students using .22 cal conversion kits in our classes.  Heck, I even have a few conversion kits for plinking.

I’m in Law Enforcement/Corrections training; can I train in my duty gear?

A: No.  Shoot Straight does not allow drawing of handguns from a holster, due to insurance issues.  However, if you are in the police/corrections academy, I can help you improve markedly.  I have helped more than 6-recruits pass by using the AIM SMALL - MISS SMALL technique.  It simply works.

Q: Do you allow spectators at your classes?

A: Yes we do. I do, as long as the person is a close friend or family member.  The idea is that two, or more, sets of eyes and ears are better than one, and if the students encounters an issue on the range, it's more likely that the observer may remember things to help the student to better diagnose the issue(s) and fix them.  Knowing why we do things helps us improve and repair faults more easily.

Q: Will you hold a class without a deposit or method of guarantee?

A: Yes, I only accept payment after services are rendered and I am a trusting person.  Go to the next question for my thoughts about no-shows.

Q: What if I cannot make the class?

A: We all experience family, professional, and other exigent circumstances that occasionally cause our schedules to change.  I fully understand and respect that.  I do ask that if you schedule a date and time with me, please let me know ASAP if something happens to compromise that.  I will call/text you a couple days before our training to confirm.  If you simply don't show, that to me it is an integrity and honor issue and it not only takes money out of my pocket, because I could have likely filled the spot from my waiting list, it is also an indicator of the type of student that I do not want to instruct.  I am very protective of my certifications and I only want to instruct nice, thoughtful people I can trust and count on.  I don't use the George Castanza method of no-show, but I might. :)

Q: Can I buy a gift certificate?

A: Firearms Training makes a great gift! Let me know via email and I will generate a training gift certificate.  Payment would still be due after the training block because I will ONLY accept payment if the student 100% believes that I will have earned every penny.  Short of that, I do not accept payment.  I am very passionate about what I do and how I do it and I will never allow your training to be compromised in any way.

Q: Can I get a Military / Police discount?

A: We offer a 25% Discount for Active Law Enforcement, Military and First responders, and teachers. The discount will be taken off of the Tuition Portion of the Course Fees.  I genuinely appreciate everyone, but especially teachers, first responders, our military heroes, and, of course, law enforcement and their families.  Your service is what keeps us safer.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: We offer a $25 per person discount for groups of 3 or more for any of our classes.  Students must indicate they are attending together when reserving in order to qualify for this discount.

Q: How do I know if a scheduled class is full?

A: The easiest way to ensure that you have a slot to train is to email me, or call me from Friday to Sunday, anytime of the day (8am to 6pm), and we can discuss scheduling you to best accommodate your schedule.  I am currently teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays, with an occasional Wednesday morning thrown in.  

Q: I am an experienced shooter. Can I take an intermediate or advanced class without taking the basic class?

A: Most of my experienced shooters are shooters looking to improve their target shooting skills or 2-eyes open combat shooting skills.  Being totally candid, what I usually observe is that experienced shooter anticipating the recoil/bang.  I show them the latest stance, grip, trigger pull, and sighting techniques, slow them down, and make them learn how to concentrate on deliberately and meticulously aimed fire, which most often makes them ignore the anticipation.  Remember that up to 90% of shooters line-up the sights and then pull the trigger.  That's not the way to become a really proficient shooter and it's likely why snipers are usually the best shooters at any law enforcement agency.  They know the secret that I will teach you.

Q: What languages are used in your classes?

A: English only. If you are interested in booking a Private Group Class in another language, please contact us to discuss, as there are options.  If a family member, who is fluently bilingual, can attend, it is possible, but slows the training somewhat, as it's critical that students have a full grasp of topics covered.  Plan to add approximately 15 to 20-minutes to the training.

Q: Do you rent guns?

A: Handguns are included in the cost of our Introduction to Handgun Course and Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course. If you already possess a concealed carry permit, Shoot Straight has an assortment of rental firearms.  A minimum 1-month range membership (Approx. $40) is required and includes the first rental.  Subsequent rentals are $10 each.

Available handguns that I use for training:  HK VP-9 9mm, Glock 43 9mm, Glock 42 .380, S&W M&P Shield 9mm, Sig Sauer P365 9mm, Ruger MkIII .22LR, Remington RM380 .380, Ruger LCR 38 Special revolver, and S&W Airlite .22 Magnum revolver.

Q: What if my equipment does not work?

A:  If you experience a weapons malfunction that cannot be easily cleared, Shoot Straight has a fantastic gunsmith, Sid, who can readily repair most issues.  Manufacturer defects in firearms will simply make us transition over to my equipment, which you are welcome to use.  We can then work on getting your equipment repaired to ensure that you have your weapon back in shape ASAP.

Q: How much ammo do I need?

A: 50-rounds.  You can purchase ammunition at Shoot Straight, which is reasonably priced, or bring your own.  Your ammunition must be factory ammunition, due to liability issues, and cannot be reloaded, tracers, armor piercing, or any specialty ammunition.

Q: What if I didn’t find an answer to my question?

A: Email ( or Call (561) 909-9939

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