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The beginner course is geared to the student with little to no firearms experience. We will cover basic firearms nomenclature, firearms safety, and marksmanship.  I will teach you how to safely train to become a proficient weapons handler, ensuring that your time spent at the range is safe and effective.


​For those with their own firearms, we will cover everything that you need to know about safely handling, maintaining, and using your firearm. For those without their own firearm we will also explore the perfect weapons selection for your needs. It's like buying the perfect pair of walking shoes, ergonomics and fit are everything. Once purchased, count on me to help you become familiarized and confident with your new firearm.

You may combine this course with the concealed carry class. You will then need to shoot 50+ rounds on the range and plan to put time into learning the intellectual components of the licensing process. See the concealed carry training class description.

             Basic Firearms Safety and Marksmanship for Beginners


2-Hours; 1-hour in classroom followed by 1-hour shooting on the range.

  • Discuss firearms range protocols.

  • Thoroughly cover firearms safety rules.

  • Discuss real-world safety precautions and handling skills.

  • Thoroughly cover shooting stance, proper grip, proper sighting, and proper trigger control.

  • Utilize SIRT (laser) training gun to analyze students’ understanding of above.

  • Transition to the range to shoot approximately 50-rounds on relatively small targets at real-world combat distances, taking our time to ensure that every shot is shot correctly, building both confidence and working toward instinctive shooting skills via perfect practice.  

  • Fee: $125/per person, using your gun(s) and ammo, or using my gun(s) and your ammo.

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