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Jim's Training Methodology
Precision Drills That Fortify Instinctive Shooting Skills


My name is Jim Matthews, and I am the lead instructor for ASMS LLC.  I am a former law enforcement officer with 30+ years of experience.  I have been a law enforcement firearms instructor since 1996.  I was a law enforcement tactical operations / SWAT sniper, having attended seven sniper schools during that assignment.  Additionally, I have attended many advanced firearms training courses, which I used as resources to create my own technique of teaching that simply works for everyone and is very easy to learn.  I served as a federal agent and was trained at Quantico, where special agents receive some of the best weapons training offered anywhere in the world. 


I have been instructing civilians since 2011, and I feel that my very particularly intuitive technique is based upon my advanced training and understanding of basic physiological concepts related to weapons use.  This allows me to more easily convey to new and advanced shooters how to be safer and more effective weapons users. 


With 27+ years of instructor experience, I have developed an advanced ability to precisely analyze shooters and effectively communicate, in simple to understand terms, how to correct even the hardest to see issues, improving beginners to experienced shooters' techniques.  The NRA doesn't teach what I will help you with.  You will be very happy with what I do you for, or please don't pay me.


Also, I remember what being a new shooter was like and my technique is designed to help you surpass your shooting goals safely and effectively.



I instruct most days at Shoot Straight in West Palm Beach.  My training for basic safety and firearms marksmanship/weapons handling takes about 2-hours to complete, 1-hour in the classroom and 1-hour on the range. 


Together we will spend approximately 1-full hour in the classroom going over safety procedures, which I am a stickler about. Next, I will show  you how to stand in the modified isosceles shooting stance.  We will then cover how to properly hold the gun, how to use the sights very precisely, and how to pull the trigger perfectly, doing all of these things at the same time.  We will go into the range and shoot for approximately 1-hour, shooting 50-rounds, using your firearm(s) or mine.  If you need help selecting a firearm, I will help you.  

As for the concealed carry permit process, I include it in my Beginner  and Intermediate courses.  I send my students a comprehensive email that contains a very simple to understand 21-page booklet that summarizes Florida statutes regarding concealed carry, as well as an attorney-prepared attachment of the forcible felonies (Florida) .  I then give the student(s) as much time as they need to fully learn, not memorize, that material and then give them a scenario-based quiz over the telephone that consists of approximately 25-questions.  Students can only miss 3 on that quiz and I only give them 1 chance.  It's called invested learning theory and it is proven to be an effective tool for allowing the student(s) to retain the material much more fully for a much longer period of time.  Most students tell me that they learn more from the discussion-based quiz than the actual studying.  I will not sit and read to you, as I don't believe it is retained as well.

Teaching the way I do is a matter of honor to me, because I put everything into ensuring that my students are prepared to return to the range on their own to practice to become as proficient as possible.  The goal is to train to be efficient and effective and increase the students' ability to survive potential deadly force encounters.  This is very serious stuff and I treat it that way, but in a non-intimidating and very helpful manner.  I too was new to this once and I remember being nervous, so I will help you through any and all nerves and apprehensions.  I truly believe that my system of training works very well, especially for brand new shooters and is both intuitive and rewarding.

You can count on me to do everything you need  to become safer and better prepared with your new firearm, and I hope and pray that you will never need this training to save yourself or someone else.  But to me it's important to have the skills and the tools and never need them, rather than to need them and not have them.

Jim Matthews

(561) 909-9939


P.S. Remember that no questions are dumb questions, so feel free to email me, text me, or call me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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